Sunday, February 6, 2011

Panoramic Photos with Autostitch

Here are 3 iPhone (horizontal) photos I took at the Mountain, from the top of West Run, last week. I took the middle shot first -- you can see how it doesn't convey the reality of Mt. Mansfield's presence. So I shifted left for another shot; then, I shifted right for one more.

Left                                           Middle                                             Right

Then, I used the iPhone App, Autostitch, to create a panoramic photo. From my iPhone's Camera Roll, I selected the 3 photos above, and pressed "Stitch." In seconds, it produced this panoramic photo:

Autostitch has a built-in crop function that automatically selects the largest possible complete crop. You can select your own crop points manually, too. I used the auto crop, which produced this version: 

Autostitch is unbelievable fast, amazingly accurate, and easy to use. It's only $2.99 at the iPhone App Store. Get it. 

Learn more here.

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