Friday, April 2, 2010

Butternut Mountain Farm, March 20

Lucy and Dave Marvin finally built the addition they'd been wanting to at their certified organic and kosher Butternut Mountain Farm Sugar House in Johnson, VT. To celebrate, they invited their friends to join them for a ham and baked beans and "Sugar on Snow" feast around 5:00 p.m. And, every guest received a quart mason jar of just-produced syrup. We had the best time -- we learned more about sap running and sugar making than we imagined!

One vial per barrel of maple syrup produced,
from the first of the season through today, March 20th.
The second row looks like it's Grade A Fancy.

Here's Dave showing us how the sap runs into the 2nd floor
of the Sugar House. The round 'tags' are wooden disks,
and indicate the sections of the sugar bush from
which sap is running.

The Butternut Mountain Farm Sugar House.
The new addition is the "2nd building back."

Be sure to visit the Marvin's Country Store on Main Street in Johnson, VT, right next to the Johnson Woolen Mill. Open 7 days a week, year round - except for the usual holidays.

Wow: you can buy Butternut Mountain Farm maple syrup at Amazon and  Williams-Sonoma, too!

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