Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Frida's is Here!

Cinco de Mayo -- This evening, Frida's, the long awaited new Stowe restaurant will have its soft opening for friends and family, and those who just happen to pop in! The official opening is tomorrow. I now have a menu, and will append items from it to this posting later today. I arrived this morning, just as the new sign was going up:

Then I ducked inside to say hi to Josh Bard (l) and Jack Pickett (r). Wait 'till you see this place!

Co-owners Josh Bard + Jack Pickett

A selection of menu items (1 from each category) :
  • side dishes: Ensalada de repollo (cabbage slaw)
  • desserts: Torta tres leches (cake with three milks)
  • appetizers: Queso flameado (flame broiled Chihauhua cheese with fire roasted poblano chiles and grilled onions
  • salads: Nopales con lechugas estacionales (fresh cacus paddles with seasonal greens, Jerez sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil)
  • tacos: Pescado (crisp fried Atlantic cod with cabbage slaw and a roased jalapeno shallot sauce)
  • small plates: Relleno (poblano pepper fire roasted and stuffed with mushrooms, spinach and Hoja Santo goat cheese with sauce ranchera
  • large plates: Pato ahumado con mole (lightly smoked duck breast with rich mole sauce

1 comment:

  1. Interesting menu, but perfectly uninteresting food. The tacos were served on soft, room temperature, flavorless, unteresting tortillas that fell apart much too easily. The cactus paddle salad sounded interesting, but just tased like something you'd get at the deli section at Price Chopper.

    One great thing about Freida: That part of town has a new color and life about it. You don't have to wait for a wedding or funeral to see people doing something other than just passing through.

    Hope they can figure out a way to get all that blandness out of the food.