Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frida's is coming!

At long last, a sign that Frida's is coming! In today's Stowe Reporter there is a Frida's Job Fair ad for "employment in all categories of the Restaurant business," scheduled for Saturday, March 14th, at its soon-to-be new home in the Butler Building on Main Street. Now I don't expect that you're looking for a job, but we've been waiting for Frida's Taqueria & Grill for a long time. Here's the skinny from a Reporter article back in December.

"The centerpiece of [the] remodeled brick building will be Frida's Taqueria and Grill -- a new 80-plus-seat restaurant and bar with a Southwestern flair. Jack Pickett, an acclaimed chef and a food columnist for the Stowe Reporter, will team up with fellow chef Joshua Bard to operate the restaurant, which will serve a wide range of Mexican-inspired dishes -- from tacos to fish, burgers, steaks, fresh veggies and more." [Stowe Reporter, December 8, 2008] Register or login to read the entire article here.

Josh's dad is my neighbor; he hinted at an April 1st opening date. Stay tuned for more...

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