Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Christmas Photo Recap

I haven't worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day since my rookie year. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed being out and about with guests as well as my fellow patrollers and other Resort staff, exchanging an abundance of Christmas greetings and cheer. And, I know that had I not been at the mountain, I would have certainly missed this spectacular peek-of-the-sun over the Worcester Range on Christmas morning. This photo doesn't begin to do justice to the beauty of being there. 

West Run was closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I took this photo on Friday after having built this (bam)boo line across the trail's entrance -- three days of morning building and afternoon disassembling on sweep. If you're out early enough, you'll see us skiing around balancing boo, rope, and a drill!
Almost all boo lines have to be pulled at the end of the day to accommodate the groomers who begin their work after we're long gone. I get a lot of satisfaction from these outdoor-in-all-kinds-of-weather work details.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas wherever you were...

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